Roses – find out when is the best time to plant roses

Pink roses which are growing in a rose garden

If you were scared of starting your own rose garden you shouldn’t be. In fact roses aren’t that difficult to care for. They are as easy to take care of as other shrubs flowers. All you gotta do is to keep reading to learn how to do that – how to grow roses. This is going to be possible after you will get familiar with this article.

Just remember as the first thing that roses just like other flowers needs to wait until after the first frost date and the start of the growing season becomes.

Planting roses

In fact you can’t plant roses at any time of the year. You have to make sure when is the best time to plant roses so they have good chances to make it through the last frost dates. Roses can be planted either durning the fall or spring. Remember that the timing has to be right.

If you will want to plant roses durning the fall you should do that at least six weeks before freezing temperatures shows up. This will provide enough time for the roses to establishs its roots. Roses will simply go dormant durning the winter and will start growing when the weather gets warmer.

If you decide on planting roses in the spring season it in fact is easier option. However remember not to plant roses to early. You are the specialist of the climat that you are living in. If in April temperatures will be still low wait a little bit longer. Remember that it is the soil that is the biggest enemy to newly planted roses however the soil shouldn’t be muddy or wet. Moisture is also important so make sure that there is some of it but not too much. You should be aware that planting roses at this period will make you deal with upcoming summer heat sooner than later.

So to sum up the perfect time to plant roses is the end of April and the end of May.

Container roses

Container roses are just ideal for those who are just starting their journery with gardening. Why? Well because they are easy to plant and establish quickly . Those container roses are able to get at local store’s when the growing season starts. This makes it easy because you will be able to plant them when weather is just ideal.

How to plant container roses

This kind of roses are easy to be plant. However there are steps that has to be taken for your roses to thrive. Those steps are:

  1. prepare the soil for planting,
  2. dig a hole which is going to be a little bit deeper than the container,
  3. take out the plant from the container and in a careful way place it in the hole,
  4. water the plant (no matter what the weather is).

Remember that your container grown roses are also going to look for the soil to have a enough amount of air and also moisture flowing.

Bare root roses

Bare root roses has bigger selection of available varieties. They are also very economical and whats great is also this that they can be bought online. However this kind of roses has to have their roots soaked over the night in water before you will plant them. You should also remember to keep moist for the first months after you gonna plant roses.

How to plant bare root roses

Bare root roses are a little bit different when it comes to planting than container roses. The best idea it would be to plant them while dormant so you will have to prepare the ground before you will buy these roses. Here are few steps that you should follow to successfully grow them:

  1. measure the pH of the soil and check if you have well drained soil. Soak the roots for 12 up to 24 hours before you are going to plant them – water needs to be warm,
  2. when your plant is already soaked you should dig a planting hole which is going to be deeper than the roots itselves. When you do that you should add a layer of compost at the bottom and then throw the same amount of loose soil on top of it,
  3. now all you gotta do is lower the plant which will make roots touch the hole’s ground level. Now just start filling the hole with for example maybe organic matter mixed with fresh soil,
  4. when you are done with filling up the hole check out the ground if its firm. Then just simply water roses well.

Keep your roses healthy

Healthy red rose bushes in beautiful garden

In fact best thing that you can do to prevent rose diseases is to get those who are resistant to diseases. Here goes some of the issues that may affect your plant:

  • Insects – insects that loves to eat roses are for example japanese beetles, aphids, sawflies, and spider mites. You can get rid of them and have them under control with use of insecticidal soap or neem oil.
  • Black spots – this in fact is water fungal disease. You can prevent this from happening by improving the air circulation and watering at ground level. Mixture of horticultural oil and baking soda can help prevent the disease from spreading.
  • Powdery mildew – this is a disease which is showing up durning the summer months. To avoid this from happening you should water your plants at the ground levels in morning hours. Why? because the morning sun will dry the leaves.

Most common roses varieties for gardens

When it comes to roses those that are going to be listed below are the most common and basic categories to choose from. Those are:

  • Wild roses – those roses are going to bloom durning the spring months. Those roses roots are very shallow what makes them very easy to be transported.
  • Hybrid tea roses – those are the best roses for those who are worried about having formed in a perfect way and large and classy flowers. They also have heavy perfume scent.
  • English – english roses comes as rose bushes. Its flowers have a lot of fragrant, lush petals, and the blooms.
  • Climbing roses – those roses are the best in growing on larger vertical canes on which they are winding around for some support.
  • Floribunda – this kind of roses grow in a showy clusters. They are also considered to be resistand to the diseases. If you will have those roses planted in your garden they for sure will be a focal part of it.
  • Grandiflora – those roses are resistant to diseases. They are also going to work good when it comes to being grown in flower beds.


  • avoid planting your roses when the weather conditions are extreme, like for example drought,
  • if you live in mild climates you will want the plant’s crown to be in a ground level,
  • if you live in cold climates you will want to drop plant’s crown to two or three inches below the ground levels,
  • to determine when was the last frost date you should know your hardiness zone,
  • add a little bit of compost or mulch around your winterizing roses after a few frosts come by and also before the ground will freeze,
  • if you want to plant your potted roses you should keep in your mind what is the best time to plant roses,
  • use natural fertilizers for your roses which are coming from compost which will reduce exposure to diseases and powdery mildew,

Interesting facts

Here you will be able to find some informations about roses that you may never thought of before. Here goes the list of them:

  • You can eat roses. Yes, that’s right roses are adible. Petals of the roses are brewed for tea blends also sometimes the are used in gargles and tonics as well. Roses can also be used to decorate cakes,
  • In most of the hardiness zones the optimal time to plant roses is the early spring time,
  • english roses look very much like the antique garden roses that were grown in the past,
  • when roses are going to be put in the ground already they are going to grow when there will be slightly acidic soil,
  • there are rose plants that are resistant to diseases like for example grandiflora,
  • the most sun your roses will get the more flowers it will give you in the exchange,
  • roses need to be watered in a right way to generate a healthy root system.


Now you know what you can have your own beautiful roses planted in your garden. You also know how to keep your plants healthy and that you can even purchase roses online. Yes this is that easy.

Just choose the correct rose style for yourself and set your own rose garden. If you are a lover of rose gardens there is nothing to wait for just pay attention to the ideal timing to do that. Key is the proper planting. If you will do everything like it is supposed to be done you will be growing roses which are going to grow very beautiful.



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  1. I have always wanted to have roses in my garden because Im huge fan of them. Now Thanks to this article I know how to take care about them and how to make them look even more beautiful!

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