The diversity of the stone sinks makes them so demanded

Marbel counter top sink in a lovely bathroom

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When considering stone sinks, lots of colors and shapes can come to mind. Of course, there are some classic models like river stone sinks or minimalistic round marble sinks, but in reality there are hundreds of options to choose from.

What are the best stone sinks?

In order to answer this question, we need to first find out where it is going to be installed. Big room, or small room? Indoor or outdoor? That will clarify what size of the stone wash basin is going to be suitable for this particular project. Secondly, it needs to fit the overall design concept of the place. All stone sinks are beautiful in their own way, but sometimes their appearance can be a little bit overwhelming in the context of the whole room. 

Minimalistic stone sinks made of marble

This collection represents a smart and well-thought design that is quite humble, but once you get closer to a stone sink, a completely new dimension opens up. Their beauty comes from the veins formed over millions of years. A true piece of ancient natural art in a bathroom is absolutely timeless and desirable.

Braver designs?

There is sometimes an urge to make a stone sink or stone bathtub a central part of the room design so it catches everyone’s eye at the very first sight. For this purpose other collections should be considered. Firstly, the best-selling river rock collection. Affordable, extremely durable and charismatic collection of stone sinks, bathtubs and even gadgets like bathroom sets and candle holders. Less obvious choice, but still a great candidate for adventurous bathroom designers is the petrified wood basin which is made of fossil wood. Very interesting design and colouristic can make it tricky to properly include it in the bathroom project, but the results are definitely worth the challenge! No matter which sinks you opt for, you will not be disappointed. Lux4home™ has been in the business for over a decade, and all we observe is a constantly growing demand for these products, which means that every day the number of satisfied customers grows exponentially. Join them and be amazed by the charm of stone sinks.

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